Your Host

Brook McKay In an ongoing attempt to live life to the fullest, Brook McKay has decided to pursue her passion for reinventing everyday parties and events. Coming from a performing arts background, she has extensive experience in music, art, hospitality services and a desire to entertain others with creative flair.

Even though her career did not start-off in events, she acquired an array of notable national and international experience coordinating events both small and large over the past 7 years.

In the U.S. she worked with the Executive Caterers team on exclusive events held at such venues as the world famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum and the historic Cleveland Convention Center for social, corporate and fundraising projects with 500-1,000+ guests in attendance.

Overseas, she has had the opportunity to be on the marketing team for the world-renowned Edinburgh International Arts Festival organization in Scotland. While living in New Zealand she has worked as a public relations assistant for Vodafone X*Air, a contractor for Jim Beam Homegrown music festival, and marketing assistant for the BLOW Festival at Massey University to name a few.

So if you're looking for great ideas done better then she is the one. She truly cares that everyone involved is having a great time no matter the occasion because in that one moment you are responsible for giving clients and guests a positive experience.

Life is too short to waste it at a dull event!